​​​​​​​​​​Grantee Report Form

Per the grantee agreement, a report must be submitted within 30 days of the completion of the project. Click here to access the Grantee Report Form.

​1) Support students through innovative and creative projects that enhance curriculum, experiential learning opportunities or contribute to the community.

2) Recognize the achievements of students, volunteers and staff in Osseo Area Schools. District 279 Foundation seeks to recognize and celebrate the many achievements and success stories of the students, volunteers, and staff in Osseo Area Schools at the Investment in Youth Celebration. This annual celebration recognizes individuals from each site for their commitment and dedication to our community.


Email: foundation@district279.org

Supporting Students in Osseo Area Schools

Grant Opportunities

District 279 Foundation Grants Program provides learning opportunities for students in Osseo Area Schools by funding programs, projects, and other opportunities that are not presently available through the district's budget. Any district employee, school volunteer, or community member may submit an application for consideration.

District 279 Foundation seeks to support innovative and creative projects that align with the following focus areas:

Enhance Curriculum - Requests may be submitted that will support the enhancement of the current district curriculum. (This category requires pre-approval from the Learning & Achievement Department.)

Experiential Learning - Requests may be submitted for opportunities that help students develop knowledge, skills, and  values from direct experiences that may be unique within or outside a traditional academic setting. Activities may include leadership development, mentorship, intergenerational learning, diversity awareness or character education.

Contribute to Community - Requests may be made to facilitate connections with our community and/or provide an opportunity for students to contribute to our community. This experience should help students become responsible, confident, caring, and contributing citizens. Activities may include providing a performance, doing community service, volunteering, attending a community meeting, tidying up a local area, or helping a neighborhood.

How to Apply The application has closed. 

Applicants are encouraged to review the application prior to starting the request to ensure their project aligns with the guidelines.

​Prepare the following grant request components:

  1. Application  - Will open in Fall 2023
  2. Budget form - Link to Budget Form
  3. Project approvals - All applications must be approved by the Principal/Site Leader prior to submission.



Application Deadlines ~ Application window is closed.