2020 Investment In Youth

Award Recipients

District 279 Foundation's Investment in Youth celebration recognizes the many achievements and success stories of the students, staff, and volunteers in Osseo Area Schools. The event recognizes award recipients for their significant investment under one of the following categories. Please learn more about their contributions in the Investment in Youth 2020 Program.

Significant Investment in Developing Their Own Talents: 

Exhibiting unique expressions of creativity or talent.
Kurtis Banks, Student, Osseo Senior High

Significant Investment in Overcoming Adversity:
Displaying the will and courage to overcome major challenges.
Olivia Hautala,  Student, Basswood Elementary
Bai Jassy,  Student, Park Center Senior High
Savannah LaCroix,  Student, Cedar Island Elementary

Significant Investment in the Betterment of Education:
Showing commitment to education by giving of their time, talents or resources.
Emily Bollinger, Educator, Osseo Area Learning Center
Deanne Carlson, Confidential Support Specialist, Educational Service Center
Kendra Grand, Volunteer, Maple Grove Middle School
Jeanne Heer, Educator, Woodland Elementary
Nola Heruth, Student, Weaver Lake Elementary
Bryan Hovde, Educator, Park Center Senior High
Laurie Johnson, Education Support Professional, Birch Grove Elementary
Bemi Joseph, Educator, Brooklyn Middle School
Kaitlyn Leininger, Educator, Crest View Elementary
Dan Miller, Custodian, Osseo Middle School
Angie Muñoz, Volunteer, Cedar Island Elementary
Bernard Nico, Student & Volunteer, Adult Basic Education
James Oelke, Educator, Fernbrook Elementary
Amy Oelkers, Volunteer, Palmer Lake Elementary
Mona Parmar, Volunteer, Arbor View Early Childhood Center
Cheryl Piotraschke, Educator, Fair Oaks Elementary
Wendy Schulte, Volunteer, Park Brook Elementary
Louise Smith, Volunteer, Elm Creek Elementary
Mary Pat Smith, Nurse, Willow Lane Early Childhood Center
Arlene Strum, Nutrition Services, North View Middle School
Amanda Teachout-Emerson, Education Support Professional, ACHIEVE
Lillie Vail, Educator, Basswood Elementary
Ben Waldhauser, Education Support Professional, Edinbrook Elementary
Sharon Young, Volunteer, Adult Basic Education

Significant Investment in Helping the Community:
Exhibiting involvement and dedication toward the community and its members.
Kayden Simone Cochran, Student, Palmer Lake Elementary
Patricia Ellingson, Volunteer Coordinator, Oak View Elementary
Jessie Hanson, Educator, Rice Lake Elementary
Nichol McGill, Education Support Professional, Zanewood Community School
Donna Peavey, Secretary, Garden City Elementary
Sasha Ramnath, Student, Edinbrook Elementary
Betty and Don Skoglund, Educators, Osseo Area Retired Educators
Anja Smith and Mackenna Sutkowski, Students, Elm Creek Elementary
Bertie Williams, Education Support Professional, Arbor View Early Childhood Center
Savanna Yang, Student, Brooklyn Middle School
Krissy Zimba, District Homeless Liaison, Enrollment Center

Significant Investment in Their Own Learning:
Demonstrating perseverance, love of learning or pursuit of knowledge by study or experience.
E'Mary Lee, Student, North View Middle School
Kelechukwu Nwosu, Student, Oak View Elementary
Howard Ramaley, Student, Maple Grove Senior High
Eldar Sayfullaev and Alina Sayfullaeva, Students, Fernbrook Elementary
Jo'siah Seivers, Student, Birch Grove Elementary
Txujci Thao, Student, Fair Oaks Elementary
Andrea Vaquera-Chavez, Student, Crest View Elementary
Emily Vue, Student, Park Brook Elementary
Jiasheah Vue, Student, Weaver Lake Elementary
Regina Xiong, Student, Zanewood Community School
Lynda Yeah, Student, Osseo Secondary Transition Center

Significant Investment in Modeling for Youth:
Demonstrating through words and actions an example for young people.
Ethel Cooper, Student, Garden City Elementary
Alex Herrald, Student, Osseo Middle School
Nathan Hunter, Student, Woodland Elementary
Candice Kararu, Student, Rice Lake Elementary
Ronnie King, Educator, Osseo Senior High
Darwin Kreft, Educator, Maple Grove Senior High
Gwen Krutzig, Educator, Rush Creek Elementary
Jack Kuhn, Student, Rush Creek Elementary
Adrian Sanchez, Student, Osseo Area Learning Center
Heather Sheedy, Student, Maple Grove Middle School

Supporting Students in Osseo Area Schools


Russ and Kathy Funk

Roger and Ibby Gilmore

Karen and Henry Jaeger​

Jim and Shelley Miller